Ed Massey

Please...not tonight

Please…not tonight

Please…...not tonight is an installation about child abuse.

The full-scale tableux depicts a child sitting in her room anticipating the darkness that awaits her. The viewer takes in the scene by peering through the doorway to her room, a view that offers a face-on look into the child’s private terror. The young girl’s expression, posture, and the room’s monochromatic setting belie the floral accents, and suggest that something is not right in what would otherwise be an idyllic bedroom scene.

The Project –

Please…..not tonight exhibition, public education, legislation campaign conceptual plan

The installation is intended to be the visual icon of a future exhibition and public platform aimed at elevating the public consciousness about an issue too often ignored or spoken about only in hushed tones. For that reason, Please…..not tonight will be displayed in the public realm, where people from all walks of life will be exposed to it.

A public education and targeted legislation campaign related to child protection will be connected to the exhibition.

In collaboration with child abuse prevention/treatment/protection advocates and organizations, and in connection with the Center for American Studies and Culture, the exhibition will tap Massey’s history for stimulating vigorous public discourse and engagement through art.

Please…..not tonight is expected to bring the issues of child abuse and molestation to a diverse public audience. The inclusion of public education elements related to the prevalence, repercussions, and the signs and effects of child abuse will be paramount to the exhibition as will providing direction on where to turn for help. Further, identifying and advocating for targeted legislation related to fortifying the judicial and/or healthcare delivery systems related to child protection will be integral to the project.