Ed Massey



“Terror is terror just like rape is rape; it is always wrong – no matter the identities of the victim or the perpetrator, the location, the cause, or the attempted justification.” 

A universal repudiation of terrorism as a tactic.

There are many compelling causes and grievances in the world. Likewise, there are many forms of mobilization, protestation, and resistance in defense of one’s cause.

Many maintain that to further their particular cause, any tactic is legitimate, even the intentional maiming or killing of civilians as a primary goal. If such logic were applied universally, any civilian venue in the world would be considered legitimate for somebody: markets, theatres, restaurants, shopping centers, mosques, churches, synagogues, temples, stadiums, hotels, embassies, nightclubs, beaches, trains, and buses. Disgracefully, civilians as targets in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America have been the recipients of such logic in bomb, shooting, fire, and machete attacks in the name of one cause or another.

In more than two-dozen countries, civilians on commuter buses have been specifically targeted for a multitude of social, economic, political, religious, and national causes.

Unique among public venues, the commuter bus – the most identifiable symbol of public transportation everywhere in the world – is the one public target that can be transported after terror assault.

This project does just that as part of a public drive to discredit, repudiate and marginalize all those who continue to fail to reject terror in its totality – no exceptions. One of two central and traveling components of this multi-media project is a bombed civilian bus from Haifa that was blown apart by a religious extremist during its after-school run. The victims, mostly students, were Jews, Muslims, and Christians. The traveling bus is accompanied by a large screen video truck that graphically depicts the real and raw devastation of terror around the world, including scenes from Algeria, Sri Lanka, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Pakistan, Israel, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, Kenya, United States, Egypt, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Kenya, and England, among others.

Conceptualized by Massey Bros.